The first planetary body to host permanent human habitation, Earth’s sole moon competes with Titan for the second largest population on a planetary body in the solar system and remains a lynchpin of culture and economic activity. Lunar history has been shaped dramatically by the Fall. Before the need to evacuate Earth arose, it was expected that Luna would remain largely an automated mining concern, never attaining a population of more than a few million. Luna was never seen as an economically viable location for colonization, the focus instead falling on Mars and the outer system.

New Mumbai Containment Zone

The incineration of the New Mumbai colony with nuclear weapons during the Fall to prevent the spread of TITAN infection left a scorch mark roughly 100 kilometres in diameter on the face of Luna that is still visible from high orbit. The colony was a heavily automated helium-3 mining station, located in the midst of rich helium-3 fields on the edge of the Mare Moscoviens. It remains a heavily patrolled quarantine zone to this day.


Shackle (population 6 million), built in and around the south polar Shackleton crater, is centred on one of two major water extraction operations on Luna. New Varanasi, the city of temples, is the most impressive section of the city. Shackle was the other major site of old Indian influence on Luna, and with the destruction of New Mumbai holds special importance to descendants of the Indian diaspora. New Varanasi is a monumental artificial cavern complex with an intricate canal system fed by melted ice from the polar caps above. As a source of life-giving water, it now holds the same importance to the hindu faith once ascribed to the River Ganges on old Earth. Survivors of other Indian religions, such as the jains and sikhs, have also made their temples here. This makes Shackle a major pilgrimage site; tourism is the major industry after water extraction. A small herd of Indian elephants is a major attraction, and the elephant god Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles, is extremely popular on Luna, even with non-hindus.


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