Days of Yore

Days of Yore is designed to be a fully-immersive multi-player RPG for the ultra-rich. The only way to log in is to actually transfer one’s consciousness into the game matrix for the duration of the game session; this process requires access to advanced (and expensive) equipment.


The game is set in a pseudo-medieval world full of fantasy and magic.

There’s a section (Udachi) where anyone with an active character (which costs some small amount per month) can kill small creatures (primarily rats and rabbits, with one “scary moth”) and earn game credit. Udachi has an abandoned house (two stories and a basement), an overgrown field, a rundown pub called Fresh Meets (which serves “weak beer” for free), a general store, and the gates to the main game.

A grouchy non-player character named Clarence wanders Udachi describing potential plot hooks and giving basic game advice. His AI is extremely limited.

The race choices for player characters in Days of Yore are human, dwarf, elf, half-orc, faun, and hobbit.


During the Fall a couple hundred people logged into the game as a way to stay alive when their bodies were being killed. This worked out for as long as their bank accounts continued to pay the monthly game fee, but once those were cancelled (or ran out) things became problematic. The game’s marketers had claimed that technically no one was required to pay, since it was theoretically possible to cash in enough in-game experience and gold to continue paying, and this was pushed to the limits. Players sold all their equipment and desperately killed monsters in a struggle to survive.

Once most people had lost access to the pay area the struggle became even more intense. There simply weren’t enough monsters spawning to keep that many people playing for free, and numbers dropped rapidly.

Days of Yore

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